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    Hey guys! I know the situation with all the Sweden trackers has gone downhill this week. Me and the rest of the Vipmusic staff would like to invite you to our tracker. Please post links to your account at other sites or a screen shot proving you were a member at a recently closed music torrent site.

    Please only reply if you have interest in becoming an active member of vipmusic. All inactive account will be auto pruned.

    [note: sorry mods this is not posted in the correct subforum. please feel free to move it]

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    Despite your good intentions you may have a problem here. You won't be able to send or receive pm's until after you've been a member for 30 days so won't be able to communicate with the members here except through this thread.

    As you will most likely need their emails you will have a problem as in the current climate I would not recommend posting them on an open forum.

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    plus you're in the wrong section.
    wait 30 days and then, you'll be able to make a recruitment thread in the bittorrent & giveaway section.
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    Hmm if you want to start a recruitment thread then please file a report and a mod will try and sort things out. As of now your account can't access the section, and this section is strictly for BT talk, not for invites.
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