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Thread: Telewest Broadband Modem(uk)

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    Could anyone with a telewest modem check what kind of connections their modem has because the website says that you can either connect with usb or ethernet connections and I was wondering whether a mixture was possible, ie 1 usb connection and one lan? Or are there 2 different modems / can't you connect a mixture at the same time.


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    my modem, motorla surfboard has both usb and lan connections, im on telewest, im not sure if its poss to have both, ill look out the book

    edit this is my modem,

    as fromt he info it says u can connect up to 32 users, 1 via usb and 31 via lan, so i guess it is possible, but i dont think it is possible with blueyonder intetnet, as u would need 2 i think, so if u wanna use more than one pc, get a router, pretty cheap anyway, mines was 45 of linksys 4 port.

    edit2: im also not sure if they still use the motrola modems anymore as my g/f got it after me and she has a dif modem, but everyone else i knwo seems to have the motrola surfboard series modems,

    and also i have to say the service is good to.

    this is the helpdesk for submitting problems, it shows 3 dif modems, my g/f is SA Webstar DPX110 but everyone else i know has the surfboard series ones.

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    I had endless problems with blue screens of death when I had my SB4100 plugged into USB.

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    cheers amigos


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