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Thread: Seeding torrents?

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    Hello Guys,

    I have a very noobish question, but i have read a lot about seeding torrents using a seedbox but one basic thing still isnt clear to me:

    Suppose you create a .torrent out of a game.iso and want to seed it through a seedbox, do you have to upload only the .torrent to the box and start seeding or do you also have to upload the actual .iso?

    I know i can create the .torrent files on my computer and than just upload them to the seedbox, but as u see i still dont know if i have to upload the data i want to seed too.

    Would be realy great if some1 could help me with this


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    Obviously the ISO needs to be on the seedbox

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    thanks for the answer!
    i was nearly sure that it has to be there, its just the last 1%& wasnt clear. but it is now


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