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Thread: "National" scene releases.

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    Does anyone know why on torrent sites is so little scene releases, marked with names of countries? It is very difficult to find something from France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Polish, Czech etc.. Of course I am talking about the sites in English like SCC, ScT, TL.

    Sorry for my English.
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    Now, you had answered yourself to the question.
    Why would an english tracker would offer releases in languages like Russian or France ??!

    There are lots of trackers from every of those countries who are offering releases in their native language.

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    It's also very difficult to find english releases on french trackers..

    /me wonders why -_-

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    So can anyone know that where I can download the latest scene releases with Italian and Japanese music?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Is there any similar to rlslog or zerosec that lists when these come out or that has a database of foreign scene releases?


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