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Thread: Xp Serial Help

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    I installed xp pro and the serial number started with "FCK...." and ive heard thats black listed but when i went on the microsoft update site i started to download sp1 to see if it worked and it did but ten i had to cancel the download cos i had to turn my pc off. How can i change the serial number and is there any need to?

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    there is a keygen on kazaa made by bluelist...use that and there is a keychanger also on kazaa...try that

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    the fck key was used by every warez user and his dog. it will not let you install sp1 without changing it so have a quick google for it you will find many sites with a key changer.

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    is that not the devilsown corp key?

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    Go here and get XP Key Modifier (XPPID.rar).
    Note that this isn't a crack. Microsoft shows you exactly how to change XP key in their knowledge base, here. This program (and a bunch of others on the net ) only makes that procedure automatic, no need for manual stuff.

    Getting a valid key is the cracking part.
    Since this board doesn't allow any links to direct downloads or crack sites, I suggest you google for XPKey.exe.


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