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    Another great tracker seems to be in the dust pretty soon....

    A few days ago we reported that many Swedish BitTorrent trackers had shut down voluntarily, fearing that they might end up in the same position as the four defendants in the Pirate Bay (mis)trial. Their suspicions were not far off, as the Swedish anti-piracy office is sending out emails to those who operate BitTorrent trackers where copyrighted material is being shared.

    “We noticed that you, through the activities with, similarly engaged in copyright infringement of several works whose rights belong to our principals. You are hereby requested to immediately take the necessary measures to prevent the ongoing incursions,” wrote Antipiratbyrån in an email to the operator of the Swedvdr BitTorrent tracker.

    The demands are as follows:

    - Delete all Torrent files from referring to copyrighted works.
    - Take steps to prevent future uploads to of torrent files.
    - Take measures to prevent the ability to upload or download torrents.

    The email from the anti-piracy office of course ends with a threat. “Unless your contribution to the incursions have stopped by 29th April 2009, we have advised our clients to take legal action against you,” they write.

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