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Thread: Help On W32.kwbot.c.worm

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    hi i think i got this virus on my computer w32.kwbot.c.worm , any body can give some informations, and how fixed this problem and how to be sure it s fixed


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    Go to]Symantec Home[/URL]

    When you get there click on the box below product types that says "Symantec Security Check"

    It will take you to this site Symantec Security Check

    Once you click on that link it will take you to a page where you can check your computer for Security Risks, Scan for Viruses, and Trace a Potential Attack

    I know that if you click on the Scan for Viruses link you have to say yes to install and run the virus scan.

    If that site doesn't work, here is a different link to the symantec security check Symantec Secuirty Check (Alternative Link)

    Basically the links above will take you into the norton site so that you can perform a free virus scan online, it may take a while depending on your harddrive size and the type of connection that you have.

    You may want to download a version of norton from kazaa or kazaa lite. It will automatically register itself, you need to get at least 2003, then run the live update after you install it and it will automatically update all the virus definitions.

    I would not suggest using Mcafee, I had Mcafee installed on my computer, then I lost my norton disk and after I downloaded norton pro from KL it found a whole bunch of that w32.kwbot.c.worm virus. According the Norton (symantec) site, it's a virus that is only available through p2p programs like kazaa.

    Hope that helps.

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    also this is not the right sight for this post

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    Format and reinstall.


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