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Thread: Must Watch: First Full Trailer for Rob Zombie's H2

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    whoa .. i just watched it .. i m looking forward for this movie !!!

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    iLOVENZB's Avatar FST Crew BT Rep: +1
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    Definitely not going to see this ,

    Can't wait

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    thanks man

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    Horrible and pointless.Incredibly irritating in it's shaky camera/jump cut editing too.Which imo is the worst trend in recent movies and maybe the worst movie trend ever.
    It doesn't give a sense of urgency or immediacy ,it is just saves lazy directors the bother of properly constructing a scene.
    Hitchcock did Rope with ten minute shots and though it wasn't completely effective it beat the hell out of this crap-didn't make me queasy either.Fucking music video hacks.

    But I digress.

    Rob Zombie should think of becoming a painter instead of a director. He has a good eye for images but not the foggiest idea on how to effectively string them together.
    Sadly he would probably also fail at that being completely devoid of any originality(He even had to steal the title ffs).
    H2 how about H2O dickwad? Unless of course it is some roundabout reference to a Hummer and you are subconsciously admitting that your movie blows.In which case I say good choice.

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    mr. nails's Avatar m@D @n!m3 BT Rep: +1
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    oops, sorry. didn't see this one in here.

    i'm looking forward to this!


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