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Thread: ScienceHD - request

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    ID like to get hooked up in ScienceHD, the new science - tracker.
    That one s devoted to mostly high-definition content for sci-fi TV & movies, documentaries, technology, nature and science-related torrents.
    ScienceHD is built around a science theme with the content consisting of either Science, or Science Fiction related torrents. Examples include shows from The History Channel, National Geographic, The Science Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, The Biography Channel, and Planet Green just to name a few. Also included will be many popular SciFi TV shows such as Lost, Heroes, and Stargate Atlantis. Additionally, the site features audio books and ebooks.
    Now it's invite -only.
    Thanx in advance!
    A malis vituperari laus est.

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    Pm me your mail.

    Edit: Damn! I was beaten!
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    I'm back. The downside is that I'm also old now.


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