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Thread: Bittorent

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    when i finished downloading a file from bittorent my computer restarted by itself, how come.

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    I do not know, cause I am not using bittorrent yet, sorry,
    but I tried out several p2ps tools and normally copmuter should not

    Try to reinstall Bit Torrent and then try to download a test files again
    and see what happens... If your PC still reboots then ask again
    - lets hope a bittorrent proffesional will come here soon to answer it.

    thanks anyway, david.

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    If you are using Shadow's experimental build of BT I think that there is a check-box or a setting that tells it to shutdown after the dl is complete but I don't know about restarting cuz I always turned off the option. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there for ya.


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