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Thread: Problem With Halo Beta...

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    May 2003
    I burned and installed Halo beta no probs, And it works great online..

    But my single player game freezes at the same point everytime. Its after the Silent cartagopher ( find map level )

    It goes to a movie where the marine ship inserts you inside the planet.. You go down some dark tunnel then my screen goes all black when the cover slides over it..

    Then just hangs there..

    I tried setting all my graffix on the lowest setting and trying to get past it but it didnt work..

    I also tried to start the game in safe mode. but it didnt change it..

    Is there anyway i could get past this ? The game was pretty cool so far.. but i cant play all the levels

    Thanks for any idea's
    Xare Moderator
    MPC.DE Moderator

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    you can', atleast i think. it's only a beta, it doesn't have everything it's supposed to. wait till the full version hits the shelves, or if ur impatient like me, go and get urself an xbox. the mission after the silent cartographer is kick ass wicked

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    hey, at least u got the game started. mine freezes at the starting screen


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