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Thread: Dvd Screeners

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    does anyone notice that when you convert a dvd screener with virtual dub and tmpgenc you get audio sync problems. Ive figured out what causes it. It most dvd screener rips they will have a glitch in the movie for some reason from there on out any vcd i make has audio sync problems. Anyone else ever notice this weeeeee

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    No. It's not just with DVD Screeners this can happen to any file cause I have encoded a couple of Screeners with no audio sync but I just did a DVD-Rip about 2 weeks ago and it has a very slight sync problem (u can barely tell unless your really paying attention to there lips) so it's not just DVD Screeners it's any movie that had a problem in the encoding.

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    I have the same prob. with Xvid files it's because of a constand bitrate Mp3 included in the avi file, haven't found a solution for this(yet)


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