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Thread: BT Trackers VS Search engines

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    BT Trackers VS Search engines

    I have been using search engines for about a week and I'm starting to think that they are better than bt trackers.

    I don't understand why almost everyone thinks that trackers are better.
    On search engines u can find more torrents than in any trackers.
    And no ratio.

    I wanted someone to tell me why BT trackers are better.

    P.S. I could not find thread like this. If there was one than sorry.
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    One of the big draws are the special packs uploaded on private trackers. this really aggregates all the good media you need into one torrent. certainly saves a lot of time finding piece after piece.

    also, with ratio, it will be important to not just download but upload, certainly extending the life of the torrrent!

    alas, im just an inexperienced guy with not much access to the good trackers

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    i only use search engines when i can't find in torrent sites..

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    because search engines go to public trackers were youll download at about 5kbps

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    I feel that the speed and security are obviously better in a private tracker. On top of that, I like having an online presence. It's just nice to be able to see my name, my stats ticking along, my torrent identity.

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    Eh ehhm...ummh..if keeping a ratio is such a problem..u could always go to>signup to any of those always open trackers-->look for those thick packs(1080p packs)-->leech yourself to a ban if they aint freeleech-->come back,re-register,leech again as if you feed on it-->get your IP banned-->jump to the next tracker,do the same thing and u will never have to worry about ratio,plus u r getting good speeds,yes?yes...
    Just a suggestion ::::

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    w/o bt trackers, the bt search engine would not have anything to search for.

    for instance, mininova searches over bunch public trackers like TPB and demon. If they were to go down (oh noes)...mininova would more or less be useless lol


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