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Thread: greatest pre-times battle. wanna know who won?

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    BANNED BT Rep: +11BT Rep +11BT Rep +11
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    Sep 2008
    30 days wo rest, food and sleep
    80 gbs of info were sorted out to get best quality pictures
    200 books were read to get knowladge of windows movie maker and notepad
    12 best friends have left me
    my gf said that i cant be a man anymoar
    even my cat dsnt talk to me now
    and all that for this vid u can see for free!

    interested? then click some fsts ads go and watch in hq

    comments shd be below of this post

    vid - _
    music used - _

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    BANNED BT Rep: +18BT Rep +18BT Rep +18BT Rep +18
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    May 2008
    This is freaking amazing!!!! kinda sarcastic but still amazing!!! Ty for the laughter. I think you should have included ben in its or whatever.

    edit: come on there is no winner, that sucks.

    Also People who have been around enough know that elite trackers are elite only in name. Well If you are looking for a secure site(elite sites give much more importance to security than others... at least it seems that way) with staff that are open to communications with users, then those places are the ones you should be in. What i mean is that there is much more communications on those trackers than those with 40000 userdatabase. Yet what they call community cannot even begin to touch what i think of community. Also speeds mostly suck on those trackers. I wont specify any obviously. Yet when you call them elite, you expect something miraculous, yet end up with disappointment really. At least my experience was that anyway. On the other hand, there are certain sites like BH, RevTT and TT that needs to be up 3 4 lvls. One more thing, my last experience: I downloaded a pack from an elite tracker, it lacked one episode (11th episode) from a certain tv show pack, i really laughed. As it is called elite tracker, you dont expect such errors on uploaders behalf really. I really appreciate the work they do. Yet Elite trackers are only elite on security and community.

    Edit: Also personally pre-times mean nothing to me and probably to most users in bt world really.I can wait 1 week more for a torrent let aside few minutes or hours.
    Last edited by bilkenter; 04-29-2009 at 11:06 AM.

  3. BitTorrent   -   #3
    haha, that was nice couple funny matches

  4. BitTorrent   -   #4
    Enzo's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    May 2007
    yap there is no number one..

  5. BitTorrent   -   #5
    DISABLED PRIVS BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Nov 2007
    gg another quality vid

    it was all worth your losing your manliness for.

  6. BitTorrent   -   #6
    pffm's Avatar -M- BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    fun to watch... gj ;D

  7. BitTorrent   -   #7
    cinephilia's Avatar I don't like you BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Feb 2008
    behind you
    thanks for the laugh
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

  8. BitTorrent   -   #8
    Patriot foreve's Avatar William Wallace
    Join Date
    Aug 2006
    funny,nice work mate

  9. BitTorrent   -   #9
    BANNED BT Rep: +12BT Rep +12BT Rep +12
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    Feb 2009
    Torrent for life

  10. BitTorrent   -   #10
    Join Date
    Oct 2007
    utter shit

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