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Thread: Frank Bruno

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    source here
    shortened version:

    Former heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno is being treated at a psychiatric hospital after being taken from his home by medics. Police officers escorted the father-of-three from his home near Brentwood, Essex, on Monday evening.
    He was reported to be suffering depression and since divorcing his wife Laura two years ago, he admitted being treated at a clinic in Essex but denied he had a drug addiction.
    It has not been confirmed whether Mr Bruno was taken against his will, but a police source added: "The patient is Frank Bruno. It is my understanding that he has been sectioned."
    Earlier this year, Mr Bruno ignored medical advice and applied to have his boxing licence reinstated in a bid to regain the heavyweight world title he won in 1995.
    Former world champion boxer Barry McGuigan said Mr Bruno's behaviour of late had been "irrational" and he may have "buckled" under the weight of a number of recent personal issues.

    As well as his wife leaving him, Mr McGuigan said, he had also lost a very close friend when his former trainer George Francis committed suicide last year.

    "one of our {Britain's} most-loved sportsmen today and was one of the most famous sportsmen in Britain when he retired".
    But he said Mr Bruno had found it very difficult to define a role for himself since leaving the boxing limelight.

    Mr Bruno admitted receiving treatment at the Priory clinic in Chelmsford, Essex, possibly for depression, following a divorce from his wife that reportedly cost him around 5m.

    In early August, on BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek, Mr Bruno launched an attack on the "mugs" and "creeps" he believed were making money out of him.

    "I went to the Priory because I couldn't understand how I could lose so much money through lawyers, through solicitors, through accountants and through people," Mr Bruno said.

    That really shocked & depressed me, Frank was the man in his day, he always seemed so happy and carefree on tv, I wasn't aware of most of the stuff in this article.

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    nobody knows what he means now, 'Arry.

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    Apparently he was spending a lot of time camping in his back garden, actually sleeping on the canvas he won the world title on. A few too many shots to the noggin, I think.

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    What I remember of his boxing skills he was always sleeping on the canvas against anyone with a descent punch!

    I just can't feel sorry for the (wife beating, adulterer) bloke!

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    wife beating, adulterer eh?
    Sounds like he owns a hardcore porn site as a side job.

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    Believe it or not he's just supposed to be deeply Religous!!

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    This is not a joke, but apparently one of his delusions is that he thinks he's Frankie Dettori...

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    I think that is a distortion of what happened. He was taken in wearing just a pair of jockey shorts.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    I'd feel very sorry for the poor horse he try's to ride!
    He's a big fella our frankie baby!!!!

    p.s. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO this is my 100TH POST!


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