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Thread: Resident Evil:apocalypse

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    Milla ROCKS!

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    I liked her in 5th element! But I think apacalype won't be as good as Resident Evil (1)

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    oh man im glad you posted those pics, cause i was thinking the other night, where i know the lady from. I kept going threw some weird film names, and then finally hit the nail on the head with: the 5th element.

    The chick was best pick for that movie resident evil. I think if they got someone else the movie would have bombed.

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    i like the title of the Resident Evil:apocalypse

    but will the movie b any gud that's the main thing

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    Looks like they pulled it from the site.
    The links don't work anymore and when I do a search it turns up zip too...
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    Two main characters, i think its trouble. But if the scenario will be as good as the firsts Resident its OK to me. GOD BLEES FOR THIS MOVIE !!!

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    yeah it was up yesterday but not today.

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    i saw on their site that spiderman 2 is comin out

    proud to be american

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    that sux i wanted to see the trailer, oh well i do agree that the 2 in 1 movie is a stretch but its possible if they tie it in like 2 and 3 go on at the same time, it could explain some things, besides nemisis was intro'd in the last movie so most likely they'll incorparate some of each and make a good movie, im hoping that at least, and the nemsis is gonna be a bad looking mutha..... well unless they screw up the cgi, oh they better not damnt re fans would unite and beat some ass lol.

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