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Thread: Your preferred source for ARCHIVED music?

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    Hello all. I currently use usenet for recent scene uploads of albums, also for HDMovies, HDTV, etc..., and it's great. But obviously, given the nature of usenet (limited retention time), it's not good for obtaining older stuff.

    My main interest lies in good quality (LAME vbr or FLAC encoded) music, particularly from the progressive rock and metal genres. Now I'm a member of a few private music torrent sites, such as,, etc..., but given my ISP's terrible upload rates, it's REALLY hard for me to maintain a good ratio.

    What would your recommendation be? Here are some file sharing methods I've yet to try out: DC++ hubs, IRC fservers, and soulseek. Thanks!

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    soulseek should definitely fit your needs.
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    Soulseek. I concur.


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