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Thread: Want To Make A Custom Xp/2k Disk

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    the options exists to create a custom, bootable, slipstreamed install disk, i have just created a win2k one, including drivers, and ansers to mostthe setup questions,
    there is a wizzard to help do it.

    open up your win2k/xp disk, goto support/tools, the extract
    then start the setupmgr.exe go through the options etc, then it will create an unattend.txt file, rename to winnt.sif and put in the i386 folder of ur install disk. how to make cd bootable.

    is you read the unattend.doc file, u will find all the different answers, its in
    pretty usefull for reinstalling, u can pop in the cd and leave it, it can automatically choose where to install and all the answers to setup questions

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    Here is a site for XP and 2003 for making a custom install disk. You can make it unattented and have it install hotfixes, custom programs, drivers or whatever you need.


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