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Thread: remote browsing .torrent downloads and seedboxes

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    Hi All

    Apologies if this is not the correct forum, for some reason i cant create a thread in the seedbox subforum

    Im looking to get myself a dedicated server (most likely from which i will then use primarily as a seedbox.

    The other thing i was thinking of using the server for was to connect to it and browse from it (as a way to defeat a work proxy which doesnt like private torrent sites) so I would use something like VNC from work to connect and then say launch firefox, browse d/l .torrent file and then add it to my torrent client.

    Now my questions
    1. I have been told that remote browsing such as this is very slow on underpowered servers, would something like the DS2000 from be powerful enough?
    2. Should i choose a desktop distro for the server if i plan to browse from it?
    Answered when i read the seedbox set up guide. Choose say Ubuntu server then in step 3 you install xterm/firefox/fluxbox etc
    3. Will this work or is it a remarkably silly idea?
    4. Does anyone else here use a similiar set up?
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    you don't have to do all of that.

    just use putty to connect to your seedbox.

    putty > ssh > tunnels

    source port: 19000 (example)
    check the boxes: dynamic and auto

    connect to your server and login as usual with putty. set firefox to use a socks 5 proxy located at localhost, port 19000 on your local pc. in about:config set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to true.

    all browser traffic is tunneled through your seedbox.
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