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Thread: [REQ] List of movies that were leaked before release

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    I really want to impress the people at work, and this issue came up a few days ago. If I could provide a percentage or something it would be great. I've tried looking around but not found anything. If anyone knows of a list of movies leaked before release or anything similar I'd be eternally grateful to see it!


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    99% of movies are leaked before release.
    If you call a cam a leak.
    I have to take a leak.

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    No, I mean leaked before THEATRICAL release...

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    u mean like the the recent X-men thing ? thats rare ... But then there are a lot of low budget movies thats are leaked as even the IMDB pages for them show under production .. I would put a conserative estimate of ~25%
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    Quote Originally Posted by DryingFizzle View Post
    No, I mean leaked before THEATRICAL release...
    Like a working copy you mean ?

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    Almost every movie that contends for an Oscar ends up being leaked since they send out screener DVDs to voters.
    Many of these are films that are not in widespread release but only showing in the minimum number of theaters to qualify for that particular year.

    I guess that counts, right?
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