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Thread: hi really need help with windows 95 on vmware, please

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    Hi from australia. Anyway this is my story and l'll try not to write too much, so as l don't bore anybody, l like to give detailed descriptions. Ok basically for the last 2 months (roughly) l have been messing about with virtual machines, (l never knew they even existed) and old windows operating systems. I've managed to install windows 98 SE on vmware workstation 6.5 (which l got from btjunkie), but the one problem that keeps stuffing me up is installing windows 95. Seriously l must have downloaded win 95 about 10 times from bit torrent search engines, i'm still getting nowhere. I mean l did install both the windows 95 iso image and the 22mb floopy image, and others i've downloaded and i can do most of the installation, however l keep getting a message saying insert disk 5 so l use the floopy image, anyway i receive a message stating there is no buslogic.wmd file (or something like that) beats me, and it asks for a path, this is during the final stages of the setup regarding hardware, or plug and play. l have also just ignored this but vmware tools wouldn't install and the windows screen wasn't full. l really would love it if l could solve this. I'm average at computers, anyway.

    If anyone can enlighten me on how l can overcome this problem, (simply getting windows 95 to run on vmware) or has any answers l'd be really excited because its really frustrating, l just need to know what i'm doing wrong, l guess i'm treating this as a mission to get windows 95 running, i'm pretty persistent actually, clear instructions would be fantastic, l like to learn about all of this myself too.

    Ok thanks, ciao )

    p.s. any questions just ask, and if this site has nothing to do with illegal downloading then ive made a complete idiot of myself (lol).

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    Just an idea, though I don't know if it will make any difference...
    Try changing the hard disk controller in the vmware settings to IDE instead of SCSI.
    I think this setting is shown when you are setting up the virtual machine but you should also be able to get it after setting it up by editing the hardware/devices.

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    Also, if that didn't work you may want to edit the hardware options and remove USB support. Unless I recall incorrectly, 95 only supported USB on the 95b version, and that was twitchy at best. Don't know if that will help, but it's worth a shot if you haven't tried it
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    Use a different win 95 iso. Try to get an image of Windows 95 C. I just looked on MSDN for the name of the iso you need but strange enough windows 3.1 is there but no windows 95. If you google "All Windows DVD+the_single_man" you shall find 2 DVDs that have all Microsoft OSs except for Vista and Windows 7. You can make stand alone ISOs of any OS with them too.

    or google

    VMWare Workstation v6.5.0.1 + Operating System Images

    Oh man. Gotta love google
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