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Thread: Comp Crashing Help

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    Guys any ideas or software the could prevent my comp from crashing out.
    I scan 4 virus when it let's me, (NONE) sometime it cashes during scaning .
    kLITE no running

    Please HELP

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    have you tried booting into "safe mode" and running a few checks too make sure xp is all there?

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    A few more details would help. What error messages do you get? What are you doing when it crashes - try to link crash to specific action. What software is running?
    Also try running spyware removers Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy. Spyware and trojans can create havoc. I just cleaned Xupiter spyware off a mate's comp -he couldn't surf the net or do mail!
    You say you scan with Norton. Is it up to date with latest virus definitions? Old unupdated virus scanners are worse than useless.

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    you may have a heating problem or faulty power supply or incorrect/not updated drivers for graphics card etc....need more detials tho. does it come up with the blue screen

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    MY laptop is overheating BIGTIME, That is the problem with the shutdowns for no reason.
    Fan is working, after a while a could hearit spinning.

    any ideas besides liftingit up THANKS

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    Get better cooling.
    It may be a device conflict.
    You dont have more than 1 of each device right? (No 2 LAN cards.. No 2 Graphics cards..etc)
    hmm.. Recently drop or spill something on it?

    Did this used to not happen?

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    OK, this never happen be 4,
    the computer has what came withit i havent add up any extra devices, I do have a LAN card i have broadband i realize is over heating cause early 2day after posting my problem i let cool of, right now is working perfectly.
    OH another thing the issue about norton was the norton takes a while to do the scanning, and i could hear the fan going crazy. until it just CRASH..

    what do u refer 2, when u said better cooling?
    thanks anymore ideas.

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    Well it's crashing because the cpu is getting too hot.. Labtops dont have huge Fans inside them like pcs.. Look up some really good laptop cooling devices (i.e. something that you fit around the whole bottom of the labtop that can be recharged and basicly builds up very cold air.

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    Thanks BUDD will try that...


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