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Thread: Fireup firefox speed by upto 2-30 times faster-100% working!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkblue View Post
    anon pleas tell me good useful extensions for opera and any tweaks for it. - JavaScript blocking, just like NoScript on Firefox. - Extends the built-in ad blocker. - To download videos from YouTube right in the site. - Greatly reduces the brightness of any site, but I stopped using it because in pages that used Flash, it either didn't reduce the applets' brightness or made them disappear. - Anti-tracking. - Chrome-style status bar, very nice for small screens.

    Those are just some general addons, you can search for others you may like here.

    About tweaks, here are some of the ones I use.
    Preferences -> Advanced -> Browsing -> Change the loading delay on the right to 3 or 5 seconds. Disable smooth scrolling.
    Content -> I've disabled everything here. If you don't want to lose functionality you can just tick off the first two boxes.
    History -> You can disable history here if you want, and setting the memory cache to a reasonable value will prevent the browser from using too much RAM.
    Cookies -> pick "accept cookies only from the site I visit" to enhance security.
    Network -> you can disable sending referrer information here to prevent sites from knowing where you've been before. This may break some, you can turn it back on pressing F12 and selecting it in the menu. Geolocation, you might also want to turn off.

    Then you can go to opera:config, find these values, and set them all to 0.
    Turbo Mode
    Enable Usage Statistics
    Show Network Speed Notification

    Save, restart the browser afterwards and you're good to go.

    is there any translator extension for opera?
    Sure, that sort of stuff is popular.

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    Wow...this actually helped. Swiftfox was already pretty fast, but now with the tweaks in the first post a lot of pages(like here at FST) are loading pretty much instantly. Very nice.

    Wonder what happened to sez. He was always good for a laugh or two.

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    Awesome tweeks! Lots of good stuff here

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    Great Tutorials. very useful help for noob

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    i like your reply anon never known about these lol

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    Chrome is much faster than FF, that was the reason why I moved from FF to Chrome.
    Still like the extras you can add to FF although I have to admit Chrome seems to works faster indeed. I guess FF is built for comfort not for speed

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    Good info thanks. I prefer firefox for functionality but normally use chrome because firefox just seems so slow.

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    I don't care, how long firefox takes to start up, surfing is fast enough, but gonna check these tweaks. The main reason, y I am using firefox is clear: I can't live without my addons. ^^

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    Is there something nowadays that is needed for firefox to go faster??

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    Will try some of these tweaks. Thanks!

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