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Thread: laptop screen issue

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    well i restarted my laptop today and all of a sudden i got the same problem as this guy

    I am dealing with a Gateway 6518GZ with a 1.7 GHz Pentium M Processor, 512 Mb of PC2700, Intel Extreme Graphics, running Windows XP, primarily.

    The problem: 15.4" WXGA laptop LCD with an optimal resolution of 1280 x 800 has a black bar on the right side, and on the bottom the last pixel that shows (presumably #768) is repeated to the bottom of the panel. While running the CMOS utility or an OS (Windows or Linux) this black bar is present.

    The maximum resolutions is 1024x 768, which is crisp and clear. The desktop ends at the edge of the black bar which would indicate that those aren't dead pixels. A monitor driver issue would, in my experience distort the width of the 1024 across the entire panel which is not happening, and I'm using factory settings.

    Is anyone familiar with this type of issue>

    basically my screen has now become a square but within the square everything is as it should be. instead of my screen being a 17 inch screen it now thinks its a 15 inch i think and i can see the backlight working where the screen is black.

    now it was fine for 2 years and now all of a sudden my whole screen is not being used.

    i have looked all over the internet and this guy had the same exact problem but there were no replies to his thread... i was wondering if anyone here can help me.

    i even tried to reformat but even that screen has the black border on the right. its not a resolution problem either because when i change the resolution the same black bar on the right stays

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    Does pressing the Function button work . FN and F4 ? If you have the right Display drivers installed and its not a hardware issue try looking in BIOS and set to Default .


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