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Thread: Embedding Screen Captures

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    I was wondering how I would go about embedding a screen capture of and error message within a Forum Post, being that a file attachment option isn't available. Thanks in Advance.

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    you'll have to upload the pic first, try here or here - once you upload the file, you'll get the url (web address) of it.

    to put the pic in a post, click on the 'IMG' button and a box will popup, put the url in that box, then preview your post to make sure it's worked.

    edit - to capture the screen, press 'PRNTSCR' then 'paste' in paint, photoshop or whatever. if it's just for an error message, use 'ALT+PRNTSCR' and that will take a snap of the active window.

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    Pol...Thanks for the Info..much appreciated.


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