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Thread: Ms Word Macro Error

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    Every time that I Use WORD (Office XP Pro) I get a dialogue box saying something about macros right after the app had ben launched. On my System is Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Profession (Pre-Release) if that helps at all. Is thissomething that can be undone by changing some preference setting/configuration with either or Both Programs? Thanks in Advance

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    i see you got it Cage72, sorry cant help you with this tho', i dont use 'word'. all the best

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    to my understanding, some macro makers, such as Adobe. make it in a way that u can't just enable this session of running their macro, they want u to "Always Trust....." which can be risky sometimes.

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    just get word 2003, i got a perfect rip offa e-mule

    proud to be american

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    Thanks for the Suggestion..but eMule is a never ending d/l chore...I can wait for a while till it starts floating around on Kazaa.


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