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Thread: Encoding

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    win xp pro sp1
    amd duron 1.1 ghz
    636 mb ram

    the programs im using are dvd2svcd 1.2.1 build 2 and Tmpgenc or cce 2.5

    im tryin to encode svcd vids and the results are ok but when i watch it and there is a action scene , really busy scene or a fast moving scene it goes really blocky I have watched others i have brought and they dont seem to have them

    im sure there must be some way of getting rid of it but ive tried a lot and dont want to mess with the settings i dont understand

    i want to encode lotr 2 but theres a lot of fighting and im dreading the results

    Thanx in advance

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    you have to set the amount of passes to above 3. this will means 3 times the normal encode time but it also produces much better results.

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    increase the motion search precision.


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