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Thread: re join in the seeders?

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    I've got few files that i got from certain torrent site that i would like to seed.
    i dont have my original torrent file so Im not sure how to make utorrent recognize that my files are same as ones being seeded on the site.
    i hope im not confusing anyone..
    i just had to reformat my computer so obviously, there is nothing on my utorrent. if i want to seed the files that i was seeding before the wipe, what can i do?

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    Just reload the torrent into your client, and point them to where you downloaded them, if they start downloading, then you are pointing to the wrong place, if they hash check to 100% then they are in the correct place and you will start to seed.

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    dl the torrent file but disable the 'autostart' feature in utorrent. right click on the torrent -> advanced -> set download location, and find the file. keep it stopped, and force-recheck. hopefully you'll complete to 100% or else it will be close which means you changed some small file like maybe deleting a log or iNFO file. Start it again and you should be seeding.

    utorrent keeps all the torrent files you've dled in a folder in the program files so you could probably find the torrent file there as well, even if you've removed it from your client. this might take longer than just dling the torrent again from the tracker though.
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    Not to repeat what has been said,but when loading the torrent.make sure you uncheck the 'select all' option when that dialog pops up coz your intention is to seed not to download.that way when the hash check starts its guaranteed to get to 100% unlike in other situations where you may get stuck at 99%.


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