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Thread: Windows Xp On Multiple Machines

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    I have a legal copy of XP but I want to put it on my second machine as well as I cant afford a second copy is there a program I can get off kazaa that will help me bypass the activation process for the second machine?

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    Don't reactivate after reinstalling.
    If you reinstall Windows XP, you normally have to reactivate it, but there's a way around reactivation. Windows XP maintains the activation information in the file Wpa.dbl, which you'll find in the Windows\system32 folder. After you activate, and any time you add hardware to your system, back up the file to another disk. If you need to reinstall Windows XP for any reason, go through the installation routine, then copy the latest version on the Wpa.dbl to the Windows\system32 folder.

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