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Thread: TPB judge accused of bias in another case

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    Tomas Norström, the judge who presided over the Pirate Bay trial, has been accused of bias once again. After the trial against TPB he was accused of bias as he is well connected with quite a few different pro-copyright and intellectual property organizations. A retrial is one alternative for TPB, and this will be decided by a higher court later.

    This case is not piracy nor internet related though. BMW brought a small company from Gothenburg called Wheels Spare Parts to court for making rims too similar to their own. They were convicted in October 2008 by the same judge as TPB, Tomas Norström.

    The problem is very similar to that with the Pirate Bay. The judge is active in the same organizations as the prosecutor lawyer (lawyers in TPB case), and did not tell this to the court before the trial started. Since he decided against telling the court these connections before the trial began, the defence could not bring up any objections nor even take it into consideration.

    The defense lawyer in this case has now made a formal complaint, what this leads to remains to be seen at a higher instance of court.

    Source: TPB Judge
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