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    OK..I downloaded a game and the files are in seperate winrar files starting at .r00 and ends on .r38 but the file becomes unrecognized once it hits .r30 WHy does this happen? And finally how do i compile the one file that is in all of the compressed .rar files. The rar files are about 14,649 kb's with the one big bin file being like 1.5 gigs.

    Sorry if that is confusing thats the best I can explain it.

    Edit: Nevermind I'm an Idiot I figured it out wish I could delete my post.

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    if u have winrar installed:

    go into the folder containing the files, right click>arrange files by name, okay, now right click on the absolute first file (the first file on the top left usually), click extract here or extract to. if u choose extract to, select a destination, a window will up and show u the extraction process and how much is done. afterwards, there will be a bunch of folders, a bin, iso, files, depends on wut was compressed. the thing is, after extraction u'll get the file ur looking for. from the sound of it, ur dl was corrupted, or the files were corrupt to begin with. if extraction fails, try re-dl it. sometimes, and most logically it becomes corrupt because ur isp cancels ur connection for maybe a minute or two, and then reconnects u (it happens when there are a bunch of ppl going online at once in ur area that are connected to ur isp). happened to me a dozen times b4, hope this helped

    EDIT: sorry, didn't see ur edit, now i'm the idiot

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    I'm glad it wasn't corrupted because it was like a 1 gbite file.


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