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Thread: Powerbook G4 or Macbook Pro

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    Hey guys, long time since i have been on these forums but anyways...

    I have a dilemma here, i'm tossing up between these two apple items:


    I was wondering if anyone could tell me is it worth getting the macbook pro over the powerbook for that price difference. The only difference i see is the CPU speed, but really is it that big of a distance in speed?

    Thanks for you time.

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    It would definitely be a big performance difference between the G4 and the macbook pro. the G4 only has a single processor core while the macbook has a dual core. it has a faster video card ddr3, and memory is definitely faster from 333mhz on the G4 to 667mhz on the macbook. its not the newest macbook and its running a dual core not to be confused with the core2 duo which is faster, its a good laptop though. I wouldnt recommend the G4 especially for future programs. but what will you be using it for?

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    MacBook Pro is definitely a better option.Offers better performance (Processor, RAM, GFX and so on) and its the latest from the apple stable.
    Future proof to an extent..(not quite literally, but the Processor and GDDR3 memory do make up for a great value)
    I would have gone for macbook pro, considering that price as well


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