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Thread: Cant Access

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    Hi guys I purchased a LU220 VPS seedbox from
    and I was just playing with my control panel and changed the style of the site, now I cant access the site I also tried with another browser but still no good...
    when I try access the site I get a blank white page with the following error...

    "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/forum/cache/tpl_4poziom_overall_header.html.php on line 204"

    Does anyone know whats wrong and how I can access the site pls...

    mike if u see this can u pls email or msn me how I can get back on the site...
    thanks in advance

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    Its working perfectly fine for me , the style must be messed up , just clear your cookies , empty cache and try

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    Yeah I knew it was the style, just didnt know how to fix it..
    But thanks heaps all solved now....

    It works until I login, after I login I get the same error...
    Do u know how I canb reset my account.
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