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Thread: Darknet

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    Hello its my first post here so..

    If your ISP traffic shapes your p2p traffic or you just dont like the idea of ed2k/public torrent trackers then i might have a good option for you.

    A Darknet is a closed virtual private network unreachable from the outside world and hidden in the dark mist of regular internet (or as I like to call it, 'normalnet'). Darknet remains literally invisible from the regular internet users as the encapsulated and encrypted traffic appears innocuous to the naked eye.

    What you get is a fully encrpyted mini-internet. You can run any service you want on it without restriction. Like using DC but its plain-text communication a constant worrie for you? no need to worry on a darknet. Ever wanted to try WASTE but didnt want to give out your IP to connect to others? when you connect to the darknet we give you an IP unrelated to anyone in the world (no way for others users to get info about you).

    On the darknet we currently have 6 dedicated 100mbit servers doing the routing and wouldn't mind adding a few more if needed. I would love to get a few people that want to share files between each other to get a little network setup. Choice of protocol is completely open, there is a torrent tracker allready setup along with some FTP servers but ed2k, WASTE or any other is completely welcome.

    Contact me here or via email @ jester465 < at> gmail<dot>com has some more info about the darknet. Any type of users are welcome.

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    I think overall this sounds like exactly what we'll need if the internet becomes fully censored like television ...

    however there is the obvious worry about safety and security when going through an independent "darknet" ...

    non the less the concept gets my thumbs up


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    Yes, this is the plan B if all the countries decide to give in to those commercial laws. like an alternative internet

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    ok we will see abt that


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