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Thread: Finding Riaa Related Ip Addresses

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    Hello, I have a question about finding the Ip addresses "That" might be related to the RIAA or any in that authority that come up in my netstat or better yet a little tool that monitors the whole TCP/IP connections that are estabilished. How do you figure out if they are related to them or not? I know about the Peerguardian tool and the Kazaalite Ip Blocker but what if there new ones that aren't inserted into the guarding.p2p file. I can make knowledge about some of the ip address by the host name, but some of the ip's that pop up in the monitor tool that are refering to Kazaa.kpp I can't make out who they might be from. I hope that most of this makes sense and if anyone could help I sure would appreciate it?


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    Get IP Chicken it should help.


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