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Thread: Nhl 08/09

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    So who do you think will win? The ''Pittsburgh - Washington'' series is going to be intense.

    I hope Detroit Red Wings win it, but both capitals and penguins are looking strong. As does Anaheim. Or maybe even Boston could go and win it all.

    Post your thoughts!

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    I don't make predictions since they are usually proven wrong but I do have favorites.Out of the teams left in the order that I would like to see them win - Carolina (just for Paul Maurice's retribution) Vancouver ( Canada eh ),Chicago (young guns city could use a winner ), Boston ( used to be a fan in the old days ), Washington ( Bruce Boudreau deserves it . Ovechkin is a cawk though ),Pittsburgh ( meh), Anaheim ( Pronger is the dirtiest player in the leasgue and they won a couple of years ago plus it's Califorinia for God's sake)Detroit ( Even if they hadn't won last year ,always hated them always will.Only other teams that I revserve that kind of animosity for are Rangers and Philidelphia .Go figure)

    Carolina 3 Boston 1 .Classic case of a team not being able to up it's game in the post season.
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