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Thread: Pes 2010

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    I'm really looking forward to it. If you snap up some interesting news, don't be shy! Post it here.

    It's always fun to read about the latest news about this beautiful game. You're building up some anticipation reading the latest about it and seeing new videos.

    The big finale is probably the Leipzig convention.

    Anyone else who agrees?

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    i agree with you completely, i hope for big improvements and i am also excited which new things will be added to 2010 release

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    i agree with you man...pes is the best football simulator,much better than fifa,i hope they will obtain licence for all the teams...

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    PES is definitely much much better than FIFA. pity they can't get the proper names etc. or else FIFA would never come close. The movement and gameplay is so much more realistic than FIFA, which can be quite rigid at times.

    I hope Konami recognizes the potential value of PES and acquire the licenses :/

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    i agree with you man

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    i agree too

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    i was always a pes fan but I must say that fifa has come a long way starting with 2008. I have not had a chance to play pes2009 because the demo I tried turned me off from it but I might pick it up now and give it a second chance.


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