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Thread: Comic Price Guide On Web?

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    Does anyone know a site to go on that I can check how much my comics are worth. I could not find one.

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    Due to prices fluctuation and market trends, comic collecting prices vary wildly from month to month. The only accurate way to find out is to watch e-bay and see what price things eventually go for.

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    Sounds like a good Idea, thanks.

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    Well I looked on Ebay and its still not to easy to tell.
    I hope I can find a site some day.

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    There is no site. Ebay is a horrible place to look because if a comic is going for say $40 in a price guide, they surely add $20 to the price (which is smart). The only way is to subscribe to the yearly Overstreet Guide or Comics Value Monthly.(US) Another place which is not as accurate but has been getting better is Wizard magazine.
    Also, if your're able, go to comic conventions.
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