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Thread: hosting-ie Gbit

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    hi lads

    what is the setup time this days on hosting-ie's boxes ?

    Dedicated Rabtor Pro
    Lin 877 - Renaissance GB

    and what are the download speeds ? still terrific ?


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    According to them: "24 hours set up guaranteed"...

    I'd used a box ordered by a friend of mine, Gbit and blablabla, and I had no problems with. 2 days to set up the server, nothing bad, if compared to others relates of past users and even others datacenters.
    Speed peaks of 55 MB/s download and 43 MB/s upload... At least, this ones I have seen.

    Some people complains about their support being very slow, and because the ticket that you have to buy to reboot the server, if it's necessary... But I never used that services at the period of use of their server, so, I'll not confirm nothing about that for you.

    I strongly reccomend or a good reseller of OVH/Kimsufi, if it's possible to you, but Hosting-IE, in my opinion, offers a good service.

    PS.: Sorry for my English...
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    I was using hosting-ie before I just decided to go back to them
    and checking if all is as I left
    Actually reboots are free there, just KVM for one day or remote hand if some needs to be fixed is 19 euro, that how it was before anyway.
    So with that stuff I'm familiar.

    Thanks Mandieta.


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