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Thread: Windows 7 Takes a New Approach To Fighting Piracy

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    Microsoft is adding a dialog box to combat software piracy in Windows 7 to protect both consumers and Microsoft. The goal is to make sure users know if their copy of Windows 7 is genuine, especially in emerging markets. For IT professionals, Windows 7 will have virtualized images and volume-activation technologies to make management easier.

    READ more here : NEWSFACTOR

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    More reasons to stick with windows xp.. tho i'll probably make ubuntu my main os.

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    fearful ur correct xp is way better then vista & 7

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    The Windows 7 activation technique is pretty slick, they is even talk taht when you register you have to enter your product key... That registration will be compulsory .. in the 3rd world markets and the system will check by using an IP locater .. to get around the EU and the US laws...

    Really sneaky stuff... I hate M$

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    And all of this new tech will protect windows 7 for...oh about 10 minutes, maybe less. Which is good for MS, after all they really don't need OEM's accidentally looking at linux as anything other than a niche market.

    7 actually isn't a bad OS, it's the XP to vista's windows ME, but until something requires it, or if you need a 64-bit OS, why bother?
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    Quote Originally Posted by msalman View Post
    fearful ur correct xp is way better then vista & 7
    thanks for the laugh. It's great to ear an expert's opinion.


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