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Thread: Can't play Bluray movie.

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    I have download a Bluray movie of Transformers but cant play it with my software bluray players. I have tryed the following programs:
    Windvd 9 Plus
    Powerdvd 9
    Nero Showtime "with Bluray plugin"
    Elecard AVC HD Player

    None of them works with with any players on when I drag and drop the .m2ts files, but then I cant salect languages and subtitels.

    This is the movie link:

    And the nfo:
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    Can you play on your Playstation 3 or Blue ray player ? Could it be that the movies file is corrupted ? Do you have all the codecs installed correctly or maybe try a different player like Winmedia classic or Videolan .

    There's nothing I can't play on my computer .
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    @ peat moss

    No i cant play the dvd on any player and i dont own a Playstation.
    I can play only the files .m2ts when I drop it in the player, thats without the menu so i can choose any subtitles or the right English audio.

    I have tryed winmedia classic but i thought it cant play Bluray with the menu only the files. And i havent tryed videolan yet.

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    You should try Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 3. It is definately the best Blu-ray/ HD-DVD player at the moment, even if it's not very known. I also had problems with all the players you mentioned, they couldn't read the menus on most blurays. Just try arcsoft, i haven't had any problems with it, also supports DXVA.

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    Do you have the 'MPEG-4 AVC Video, High Profile 4.1' codec installed?

    What codec pack (if any) do you have and what version is it?

    I use this for my player. The web page doesn't look like much, but the player is GREAT.

    The FST group

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    instal bsplayer pro it have support for m2ts + u can select all formates also add those formate which are not in its option like .swf etc in its own codec server is cute which
    will instal codec which u need also
    instal vista codec also coz its best pack


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