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Thread: Ps2 Game The Bouncer

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    ne1 got it i cant download i cant rent it i dont wanna buy it (i cant recall ever buying a game) but i really want it

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    I don't have it but that is a tight game very hard to beat though

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    i want that game so much grat to hear its a challenge ahhhhhhhh need the bouncer ps2

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    lmfao are u seroius? hard to beat? noob?
    i beat the game in less then 30 THRITY mintues game is so damn short, gay game dont waste ur time downloading it

    u just follow this trail and then just fight and follow trail and follow fight follow fight sooo pointless gay game

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    isnt it by square though

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    yea see i used to love games by square cuz when ever i heard a game came out by square i bought it but then they made some gay games like athe bouncer and vagrant story and some stupid games so doesnt matter that game sux

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    so not worth buyin gthen do you know where i can download


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