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Thread: French Version Premier 6.5

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    HI.. Hey I have nothing at all whatsoever against the French.. But this. I just installed premier 6.5.. During install I did check the box that said "uk English"
    However the prog is running in French... I should have paid more attention at school in my French lessons... anyone able to help me change it to an English layout... It would helpfull... it is a 30 day trial btw.... My older version (6) was a trial but somehow it got extended to a full registered prog.... I wonder also if by magic that could happen to this 30 trial version

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    OK ... scuse.. I got so excited that it was installing.. I hate that when peeps keep an incorrect file name on their drive for sharing... its vers 6.... not 6.5....So no need to respond to this thread.. thanks for looking anyway..


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