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Thread: Searching...The Invisible Man - 2000 season 2

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    I'm searching for secondary season of TV show "The Invisible Man" - 2000 with Vincent Ventresca.
    I have something heard, that secondary season is released only in UK (United Kingdom), but i'm not sure about it. Does anybody knows something? Does anybody knows where to get/buy season 2 DVD ?

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    If you mean download, demonoid has season 2 but its not a dvd version.
    but you could always burn it to a dvd

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    that was a good show

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    It only says 2 series, but I pretty sure there was a third series.
    I'm sure I seen on the Sci-fi channel a third series.

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    Wikipedia shows 46 episodes (2 seasons). The links below are well-seeded.

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    These are PDTV, i need DVD about what i am not realy sure that it's already released. I just hear that DVD season 2 is released in UK, but without proofs.
    I need s2 DVD

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