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Thread: Request: Invite to busy music tracker

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    Hey all,

    I'd be eternally grateful to a kind soul who could spare an invite to a music tracker with a high number of torrents (e.g. / softmp3 / waffles).

    I would normally offer to trade for STMusic but it's been down a lot lately and I haven't been able to access it in a while.

    Thanks a hell of a lot in advance


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    Yeah...admitting that you would normally offer a trade is going to have people waiting in line to invite you somewhere.

    Use Demonoid if you want a great music tracker.

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    I know it's not a great situation. but hopefully somebody will be nice to me

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    What kind of music are you searching for?

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    I'm mostly into rock and alternative music.

    I do actually have a demonoid account, but haven't used it for music before. I have invite codes for that if someone wants to trade

    Now that STMusic is back up I also have STMusic invites to trade as well
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    Trading is not the best way to get in trackers you want.

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    SoftMP3 is over
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    damn, i heard soft was a good one.

    why is trading not a good way to do it?

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    I got the same problem, im looking for some decent / reliable scene mp3 trackers.
    I'm on filemp3 and stmusic.

    But many things won't get posted on filemp3 and they are very late on releases.
    Stmusic is down so much and no updates at all...
    Also a member on demonoid, but they ain't got scene releases, only home made stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tainted87 View Post
    why is trading not a good way to do it?
    Many people don't want to put their precious accounts at risk. There are many of other reasons as to why you shouldn't do it. Someone will surely be able to explain this much more eloquently than I.

    Honestly if you don't ever plan on considering trading again, you should go on the IRC and take the interview on their invites channel.
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