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Thread: Norton Sytem Works - Antivirus

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    I have just looked thru other posts but cant really find an answer, just received a few e:mails and Norton picked up a worm virus in 2 of them! couldn't repair so quarantined. Having never really had to deal with this before, is it safe to delete these viruses from quarantine or do i just leave them there? This may be a silly question but the silliest question is the one never asked.

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    you may them delete if they are no longer needed by your system....
    depends on what files they are.

    norton website

    check the above

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    if they cant be repaired yer for sure delete them

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    Some files cant be delete becuase there in use, (dam write protect) i sugest restarting in safe mode and trying to do it that way.

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    Check your activity/event logs. This should give you a detailed report as to which file(s) became infected with malicious code before being quarrantined. From there you will have to make your own judgment as to whether or not these are files absolutely essential to your systems operation. However it is most likely that if your system seems fine now, then deleting them should not pose any immediate problem. At any rate, if they are essential system files, then you should be able to replace them using your windows CD.

    As my own preference, I always delete quarrantined files. Once they are f@#!?ed, I do not want them back where they could do further harm to my system.

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    i always delete it anyway. neva done me any harm.


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