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Thread: Survivor 720p??

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    Does anyone know why Survivor in 720p has been virtually impossible to find for the last few episodes?

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    Probably because Survivor sucked hard after S2

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    Not true it's had it's moments most seasons and this season has been better than most.The problem with the show is that there is no room for growth .Any of the gimmicks that they inject are just that -they add nothing to the game play (exile island isn't rally a factor and the HII is never played ).That and players are too familiar with the game and more or less just go by established strategies and seldom take chances.

    Why it is hard to find has nothing to do with that though .
    In case you hadn't noticed the vast majority of uploaders and (downloaders ) are young males with remarkably similar tastes ie Heroes,The Office,24 ,Dexter ,MMA etc
    A shows popularity with the public at large doesn't factor in when it comes to trackers.Ever notice how few people download American Idol or Grey's Anatomy or Dancing with the Stars?

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