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Thread: Flash Music

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    ello, any1 know a good program to use to make flash audio? prefably to make the media around 1MB. (as swf is alot smaller).

    also if u know of any good flash software?

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    I used to do that with Swish.

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    Originally posted by Shad0w Hacker@24 September 2003 - 17:27
    I used to do that with Swish.
    is that any good? ive tryed it be4 but wasnt to keen.

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    Swish sucks balls, get Plasma.

    Discreet Plasma for 3d
    Swift V2 for plugin with 3d studio max
    Flash MX 2004
    Camtasia allows you to record directly into .swf

    For flash audio, just bring an audio file into flash choose your bitrate/khz during export, you'll get an .swf.

    For audio editing use Sound Forge 6.0

    What exactly do you want to accomplish???


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