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Thread: Why Can"t You Forward Some Clips

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    Does anyone know why you can't forward some video clips and how to fix it?

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    I would tell u to search but I don't even understand what u are saying so I know u can't put that line in the search field and expect a answer. Explain more on what u r talking about.

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    I play a movie and play's fine
    But I can't skip to scence I wanna watch
    I downloaded Starwars and wanted to watch the end battle scene but I can't skip to that.
    I tried moving the scroll bar to the end but it just resets itself
    It only happens for some files

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    Anyone had this problem before or is it just me in which case I'm gonna trash my comp

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    See, now that's better I understand that and I know what u are talking about. Either use BSPlayer to play it or change the file extension to .mpg

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    I'll go check it out

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    some clips can't be forward because they are not indexed.

    i can't think a of a program that will do this off hand but for easy cd creator, and it only works about 60 % of the time. that process in that program is very slow and hardly worth the time. maybe someone else can recomend a better program.

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    Nope it still doesn't work

    Still doesn't work

    Thanks for the help though

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    You are going to have to make it seekable i like the above person have not found I godd one yet either. But if you decide to look for one and find one be sure to let us know.


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