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Thread: Need Help Downloading Asf File

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    ok, found a trailer i wanted. but i need help cause it won't download.

    click here for trailer page

    i right-clicked and downloaded the asx file. then i opened it in notepad. the asx is very tricky and i couldn't find any mms link. there are two http links but they won'r work in ASFrecorder or StreamBox. the way i did it was i just cut and pasted the links in them and they won't work that way. the asf file is there cause i can see the trailer on the website.

    can someone please tell me how to go about downloading the trailer? if i have to install a new software, its no biggie. if you want me to post the asx code here, i will.

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    a stab in dark here is it possible the file is in your temp internet folder?

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    no, the temp internet folder only has the asx file.

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    already have that program dude...i made some changes in the settings though and now what happens is, it downloads but then after a while it stops and restarts after its downloaded 1mb it stops and restarts from zero you know of any setting i should change for that not to happen?

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    come one guys, i m trying so hard here....geez, you would think someone would know better than you here...i guess everyone is just good at what browser is frigging best...


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